Flamenco guitarist

Flamenco dancer, singer

The contributions of Paco and Yolanda Arroyo to Flamenco music and culture throughout the world and here in Southern California cannot be understated. Hailing from Barcelona, Paco and Yolanda have been performing together since they met at Tablao Flamenco El Cordobés, in 1977. Yolanda’s artistic education began at age three beginning with ballet and classical Spanish dance. By age nine she was performing in tablaos, peñas and theatres. Paco, a member of a family of musicians, poets, and artists, started playing guitar when he was 17.


While still in Barcelona, they also performed at Los Tarantos and Las Cuevas. They have worked alongside Flamenco greats such as Manuela Carrasco, El Extremeño, Pansequito, Capullo de Jerez, Maruja Garrido, Vicente Gelo, la Familia Rubichi, Paloma Marín, El Yunke, Pastora and José Galván, Domingo Ortega, and Sonia Berbel.


They toured the world, including France, Japan, USA, Mexico and Venezuela. In 1986 Paco and Yolanda toured France and Japan with the legendary Camarón de la Isla and Tomatito.


Paco and Yolanda travelled to Los Angeles in 1982 to perform at Espartacus Fiesta Ballroom, and later established residency here in 1986, when they founded their Flamenco company, Herencia Flamenca.


In Los Angeles they have performed in countless venues including El Cid, Alex Theatre, Royce Hall, Fountain Theatre, Barnsdall Park, Castle Press in Pasadena, El Patio, Bar-Celona, Magipolis Theatre in Santa Monica and El Paseo in Santa Barbara.


Ever the ambassadors of Flamenco culture, Paco and Yolanda have performed at various California universities, including UCLA, UCSF, UCSB and USC, and CSULB, sponsored by the Consulate of Spain in Los Angeles.


Throughout their years in Los Angeles, they have also performed in Forever Flamenco, Peña Andaluza en California with Charo Monge, Acorde y Tacón, Flamenco Pasión, Corazón Flamenco, Embrujo de España, Canela Pura, Avaz International, Viva la Fuente, La Rubia Productions with Carol Garten, Casa de España, Sociedad Española, La Cofradía, Santa Barbara Flamenco Festival and The Rennaissance Faire.


Over the past 20 years, Paco and Yolanda have operated a very successful Flamenco academy in Glendale, California. They have three Flamenco student companies: Aires Flamencos, Caminos de España, and Mosaico Andaluz that perform regularly at the Morgan Wixson Theatre, in Santa Monica.


Paco and Yolanda honor their origins and refuel their passions by returning to Spain every year to participate in the world famous Festival de Jerez.


Their company Herencia Flamenca is in constant demand to represent the world of Flamenco.